» Eye-catching, distinctive new look with lasting beauty.
» Greatly improves landscape appearance.
» Color and style selection compliments the architectural style of homes and buildings.
» Easily accommodates circles, bends, right angles, etc.
» Durable & permanent –doesn’t move, rot, separate or lose its luster when run over by mowers.
» Fast, clean installation.
» Saves time on trimming & weeding while keeping garden neat and tidy.
» Borders existing beds without disturbing landscape.
» Increases property value.


Your landscape curb is custom designed and extruded on-site. Therefore, not all landscaping curbing companies are the same. You are purchasing a service not a "product". A cheaper price is not necessarily a better product. READ MORE

Our Unique Process
Allows for a continuous curb to be installed to the contours and curves of your landscape.

Decorative Landscape Curbing/ Mow Strips

Offering a permanent and durable solution.

Get more for your money . . .

 » All of our styles include Fiber Mesh. Similar to REBAR, it is used to reinforce the concrete giving it more strength and stability.

» All of our colored styles are Sealed which protects the concrete from the elements and efflorecence (a white powder like substance).

» One year Warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

» We offer a wide selection of Colors to choose from and a wide selection of Stamps & Textures to choose from.

As a licensed and insured company, we have the :

EXPERIENCE: With tens of thousands of feet in curbing under our belt you are sure to get an exceptional product.

SKILL: Members of our crew are craftmen. Combined with their strong background in landscape installations, talent, and our extensive training we pride ourselves in committing a quality product. We DO NOT hire day laborers or outsource our work.

PRODUCT: We do not cut corners by providing an inferior product. We use the best materials and method to provide you with a product that will last for a long time.

PROFESSIONALISM: Aspects which set us apart are our commitment to safety, cleanliness and customer service.

Our prices include courteous and experienced installers,
quality workmanship and customer satisfaction.


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