Our CurbLine will add an attractive & durable product to any landscape project. We can customize any project to meet your personal needs. We do it all from ground preparation and trenching to complete installation.

STEP 1: select the type of style of your curb.
We offer 5 style options for making your curb beautiful:


1. Natural Gray

Plain concrete with no color added.

2. Single Color

Solid colored concrete.

3. Two-Color Stamp

Solid colored concrete with a distinctive stamped pattern or texture.

4. Three-Color Stamp

Solid colored concrete with a distinctive texture & stamped pattern.

5. Impression

Solid colored concrete with authentic masonry grout lines.

STEP 2: select the look and size of your curb.
We offer various shapes and sizes

The Classic and Modern angle provides an area to accomodate the mower's wheel to provide a closer cut to the turf. Can be gray or colored.

The Slant angle allows for 2 and 3 color stamp or textured applications. It is also used for all Impression styles. It can be extruded in gray or all color projects

The Block angle can be extruded in gray or colored concrete. Provides a more commercial look to residential projects.

We also offer the BLOCK Angle in 4x4.


STEP 3: If you desire a colored curb rather than the natural gray, select the color of your curb: click here


STEP 4 : For Stamp curbing (2 or 3-color applications), select your curb's texture or pattern. Select both for 3-color applications

1. We offer 4-types of textures for 2 or 3-color applications:

2. In addition to Textures, you can also add or only apply Patterns.

Patterns for Stamped Edging:

Our stamped curbing options allow you to customize your landscape.
We offer an array of architectural patterns and brilliant color options.

3. Instead of using patterns and textures, you also have the option to create impressions.

We offer 3 types of styles for Impression curbing:

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