Benefits of an Artificial Lawn

It practically pays for itself in water and gardening savings
Looks and feels like natural grass
Great for pets and easy clean up
Drains better than real grass
No need for harmful pesticides
No more yellow/dead spots
Provides a safe playground area
It is environmentally friendly

»We provide RESIDENTIAL applications for the following counties:
Riverside, San Bernardino, Orange, San Diego, Los Angeles

»We provide COMMERCIAL applications for the following counties:
Riverside, San Bernardino, Orange, San Diego, Los Angeles, Ventura

Frequently Asked Questions:

What exactly is artifical grass?
It is a grass-like man-made surface manufactured from synthetic materials. Our Grass mainly consists of Polyethylene. This is the most durable plastic available and is used to make water pipes, toys, Tupperware, etc. Polyethylene is non-toxic and environmentally friendly.
How long does the process take?
Depending on the type and square footage of the installation, it normally takes only 1 day.
How do you keep it clean?
Simply treat artificial turf like regular grass. Use a rake or blower to remove leaves. When animals think it's real grass, simply scoop up the mess and wash the area with a garden hose.
How long will it last and does it have a warranty?
Yes, our Grass comes with a standard 8 year limited warranty against fading and workmanship. The product has a life expectancy of 20 years depending on use and weather.
Is your grass similar to patio carpet or Astroturf
No, our product is so realistic that it is difficult to distinguish the difference between natural grass and our synthetic grass. Our synthetic grass fibers are manufactured with an advanced blend polypropylene, unlike, the nylon “Astro Turf”. Our advanced grass is durable, yet soft enough to offer the most consistent and realistic lawn.
Can I afford this?
Our grass is priced by the square foot and installation costs vary in each area. Typically it will pay for itself in 3 years compared to the installation of natural grass with an irrigation system
What about drainage?
Our grass has perforations in the backing, which allows water to drain vertically. The drainage is similar to natural grass. The base should be constructed with a 1% grade to assist with drainage.
Is it flammable?
Our grass is Non-Flammable. Cigarette burns will melt the fibers and can be clipped away.
Why artificial turf?
You will enjoy year round, green, lush, well manicured landscaping – all while saving water, reducing Co2 emissions, fertilizer and pesticide runoff into our rivers and oceans. Time and money saved as a result will afford you an opportunity to attend to the things in life that matter most.
Is it safe for children and pets?
Our selected turf contains no toxic or lead based properties. It is entirely suitable for years of enjoyment by children and pets.
Does artificial turf fade from exposure to the elements?
No. the fibers are UV protected and is engineered to withstand the damaging effects of sun, heat, wind, snow, and ice. It is engineered not to fade, but to maintain its lush green appearance throughout its lifetime.
How do you maintain it?
At least monthly, and more often depending on proximity to trees and vegetation, turf should be brushed with a broom to clean the grass. Additionally, brushing against the grain of the grass will restore the blades to a vertical and upright position. A leaf blower may be used for those areas with excessive debris and vegetation build up. Occasional watering with a hose will prevent environmental residues from forming, and assist in restoring the lush green color to your landscape.
Does your grass stain from bird and animal waste?
No. These naturally occurring events will not harm or stain our grass. Simply clean as you normally would and enjoy your grass. Our Fresh-In products will also mitigate the ammonia typically found in pet urine.


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