Benefits of an Artificial Lawn


It practically pays for itself in water and gardening savings
Looks and feels like natural grass
Great for pets and easy clean up
Drains better than real grass
No need for harmful pesticides
No more yellow/dead spots
Provides a safe playground area
It is environmentally friendly

»We provide RESIDENTIAL applications for the following counties:
Riverside, San Bernardino, Orange, San Diego, Los Angeles

»We provide COMMERCIAL applications for the following counties:
Riverside, San Bernardino, Orange, San Diego, Los Angeles, Ventura

Artificial Turf Installation Process

CurbLine has been installing the highest quality artificial lawns available in the market since 2006. All of our turf projects are expertly installed by our knowledgeable crews with a process that will allow you to have year round, worry-free green lawn for many years to come.

A good installation begins from the ground up.

STEP 1: Ground Preparation

After marking the area where the turf will be placed, 3-4 inches of existing soil is removed.





Depending on your specific needs, weed guard is then added, followed by 3-4 inches of crushed rock base to provide proper drainage. It is then compacted to create a stable base.

1Decomposed Granite is added to the surface to properly smooth the area. Weed Fabric is then added to the new base.



Step 2: Turf Installation

Your new turf is cut and fitted to place for your custom shape. The turf is then laid and secured. Your turf is then in-filled with a sand composite to raise the blades and provide a natural look and feel.





Our crew will ensure a proper installation down to the last detail. You will have a beautiful worry-free natural oasis to enjoy for many years to come.




Advantages of Artificial Turf:

  • Excellent for areas with excess shade and around pools
  • Pet runs and pet areas
  • No maintenance
  • Eliminate brown grass spots
  • Ideal for holiday or vacation homes where maintenance of landscape is limited
  • Can withstand significantly more use than natural grass

    Many cities are offering moneyback for water wise landscape installations. Check with your local city planning department to see how you can benefit from this program. For more information CLICK HERE

    Why use US for Artificial Turf Installation:

    • We have installed and sub-contracted for many of the top artificial turf companies for many years.
    • We use the best quality materials and products for your installation process at the best prices.
    • We taylor your ground preparation based on your specific need: gophers, nut grass, drainage problems, etc.
    • Complete customer satisfaction: we treat your home as it was ours.
    • Reliable and dependable: You can count on us to adress all your concerns.
    • We are licensed with the state of California, and fully insured.


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